Peter G.,
World Languages Curriculum Coordinator, Grades 6-12

Frances Mingoia is an advocate for our World Languages Program. She truly values language learning and is aware of its importance. Our district, which offered Foreign Language in Elementary School (FLES) in grades 2-5, was named the sole recipient of the New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers (NYSAFLT) Sally G. Hahn Outstanding FLES Program Award. Due to recent budget cuts, the program was slated to be eliminated for the 2014-2015 year. Frances advocated for our program and spoke with various constituents about its importance. As a result, the FLES program was not eliminated in its entirety, but only reduced. She is aware that our graduates must study a World Language in order to compete in the global marketplace and that World Language education is a critical component of the nation’s future competitiveness. We are grateful for her endless support.


Yolanda M. Borrás, Director

I’m Bilingual! 



Frances Mingoia is a dedicated parent who set very clear bilingual goals for her children as soon as they were born. We had the pleasure of teaching both of her boys at I’m Bilingual!, a Spanish immersion program in NYC that specializes in Spanish classes for babies to six year-old children.

Frances was persistent and consistent in her desire to provide a solid bilingual education for her children. Both boys attended Spanish classes regularly, traveling from Queens to Manhattan, a commute that very few parents have undertaken in my fifteen years in business. It was this type of determination and enthusiasm that Frances brought in her efforts to help her children become proficient in a second language.

Frances Mingoia’s passion and belief in the need for bilingualism are now moving beyond her own children to encompass a larger group of bilingual families throughout the USA and abroad. We congratulate Frances for understanding that we have arrived at a point in history at which this new generation needs to master a second language if it intends to understand, communicate, and interact with the rest of the world.


Julie  – Brazil
Former Au Pair/Current ESL Teacher, Vietnam

“I consider myself extremely lucky for having had the opportunity to be coached by Frances and witnessing first hand her efforts towards providing her children proper language exposure and watching her boys thrive in various languages in a natural way.

Frances does extensive research on methods and approaches to better and more efficiently teach children a foreign language. Having applied all her knowledge to her own kids, and having succeeded in getting them absolutely bilingual by the age of two and with a genuine drive for languages, she could not be a more suitable person to talk about this matter.

I was thrilled when I learned about this blog. I truly believe Frances has a lot to share and she will inspire a lot of parents and help them assist their children to acquire foreign language efficiently and effortlessly.”


Marta  – Spain
Former Au Pair,
Current Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA)

“When I arrived in my host mother’s home, although I was nervous about my accent and lack of vocabulary, her children were not. They would explain words to me such as “roller coaster” and taught me the proper way to pronounce “spaghetti”.  Interestingly, English wasn’t always the subject of conversation. French, German, Japanese, Spanish or Portuguese filled out our routine among jokes, rhyming word-games, dvds and cooking. When we were feeling silly, anything became an excuse to speak in another language. They perfectly repeated  words in any language without an English accent. They often reported on when it was night-time in Japan and challenged me to say words like “pantoufle” in French. I was jealous at first but I finally became motivated to learn along with them. Frances’ efforts to immerse her children in other cultures and languages is admirable. Seeing her children’s enthusiasm and ease at speaking Spanish with me was impressive and inspiring. Their ears are so well trained that I felt I could never keep up with them, but I’m sure that when I have children I will implement many or all the things I have learned from Frances.”


Kari and Anthony – Port Washington, NY

Thank you Frances for helping us locate the Italian lessons that we had been searching for…right in our own neighborhood! Lurie Language is the type of program that we were hoping to find for our toddler. Class schedule and geographic location were key, and you lead us to them. Thanks so much for pointing us in the right direction! Ciao!


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