Early Childhood – The Optimal Time to Dive into World Languages


Welcome to World Languages for Toddlers and Children blog! This blog is meant to encourage parents to start (or continue) exposing their children to quality, fun and age-appropriate foreign language programs early in their development, but most importantly, this blog is designed to provide parents of both toddlers and school-aged children the tools, resources, inspiration and motivation to help their children embrace and enjoy learning a second language, develop a knack for languages as they get older and succeed in their overall learning process.

In the competitive academic world and professional world we live in, it is crucial to look ahead and envision what tools our children will need to succeed in school and college.  Most children love to play, run and practice sports. Just as we encourage our children to get involved in physical activities that foster valuable team building and problem solving skills, we should ensure that we complement that development by exposing them to a second language that will improve their cognitive learning and verbal skills that are also vital to success in college, their careers and life.

Studies have shown that children who learn a second language between the ages of 0 and 8 gain a structural, functional and cognitive advantage over monolingual peers. They become creative thinkers, increase their critical thinking skills, and attain a near-native pronunciation among other benefits.  Cognitive gains, associated with early language learning, benefit children during their early, middle and high school years and well into old age.

Let’s help our children become world citizens and stay ahead of the curve in the future by  getting our little ones involved in world languages and providing our school-aged children with enthusiastic support in their current language programs.

This blog will assist bilingual or multilingual parents as well as monolingual parents in getting started and embarking on this enjoyable and invaluable endeavor of studying a world language as well as provide parents with the tools, guidance and support to stay onboard for as long as your children require.


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